Show Year Month Genre  
Arts for All 2024 - Trio of Shows 2024 April Shorts
Cinderella Community Pantomime 2023 December Pantomime
Last Tango in Little Grimley & Murder in Little Grimley 2022 April Comedy
An Evening of Fun and Frolics 2021 October Comedy
Stepping into Christmas 2019 2019 December Christmas,Variety
A Dot on the Landscape 2018 October Drama,Historical,Local
Step into Christmas 2018 2018 December Christmas,Variety
2017 Female Parts 2017 July Comedy
Step Into Christmas 2017 2017 December Christmas,Variety
Dirty Dusting 2016 April Comedy
2016 Step Into Christmas 2016 December Christmas,Variety
Waiting For Gateaux 2015 April Comedy
Hi De Hi 2015 November Comedy
Cranford at Christmas 2014 October Drama
Farndale Macbeth 2014 April Comedy
Step Into Christmas 2014 2014 December Christmas,Variety
Henley Ice Cream: The Panto 2013 November Comedy
Downturn Abbey 2013 April Comedy
Dinnerladies 2012 October Comedy
Henley Market The Musical 2012 April Musical
Ladies' Day 2011 April Comedy
Step into Christmas 2011 2011 December Christmas,Variety
Shakespeare - The Henley Chronicles 2010 November Drama
Humble Boy 2010 April Comedy
Step into Christmas 2010 December Christmas,Variety
A Very Public Hall 2009 March Drama
The Three Musketeers 2009 December Pantomime
Peter Pan 2009 August Children's Fantasy
Dad's Army 2008 October TV Comedy
Pack of Lies 2008 March Drama
How the Other Half Loves 2007 March Comedy
Fawlty Towers 2007 October Comedy
More Christmas Crackers 2007 December Christmas
The Odd Couple 2006 March Comedy
Vicar of Dribley 2006 October Comedy
Silas Marner 2005 October Classic
Wind In the Willows 2005 June Classic
It Could be Anyone of us 2005 Comedy Murder Mystery
Christmas Lights 2005 December Readings Xmas theme
Fly Me to The Moon 2004 April Comedy
Play on 2004 October Comedy
Alice in Wonderland 2003 July Classic
Arabian Nights 2003 January Pantomime
Cider With Rosie 2003 October Autobiography
The Dumb Waiter And Costa del Packet 2002 April Thriller/Comedy
'Allo 'Allo 2002 February Comedy
Slackbladder II 2002 October Comedy
Funny Money 2001 April Comedy
Treasure Island the Panto 2001 January Pantomime
A Midsummer Night's Dream 2001 June Shakespeare
Therese Raquin 2001 October Thriller
King Arthur: Pantomime Adventure Camelot 2000 January Pantomime
The Hobbit 2000 October Adventure
Trivial Pursuits 2000 April Comedy
Dancing at Lughnasa 1999 October Autobiography
An Inspector Calls 1999 April Thriller
A Christmas Carol 1999 January Classic
Cinderella 1998 January Pantomime
Family Planning 1998 October Comedy
Two into One 1998 April Comedy
When we are married 1997 April Comedy
Beyond A Joke 1997 October Comedy
Frankenstein: The Panto 1997 January Pantomime
Wizard of OZ 1996 Classic
Happy Families 1996 April Comedy
Bazaar and Rummage 1996 October Comedy
Nightmare 1995 Thriller
Greenforms 1995
Seasons Greetings 1994 December Comedy
The Dresser 1994 March Drama
Out of Order 1994 Comedy
Sleeping Beauty 1994 January Pantomime
White Sheep of the Family 1993 April Comedy
Charley's aunt 1993 Comedy
Sailor Beware 1993 October Comedy
What are Little Girls Made of? 1992 October Comedy
Tomb with a view 1992 Who done it?
Pardon me Prime Minister 1991 April
House Guest 1991 Thriller
Santa in Space 1991 December Pantomime
The anniversary 1990 Black Comedy
MR Scrooge Christmas Cracker 1990 December
Hickey Dickory Dock 1990 Pantomime
Reverse Roles (arts festival) 1990 July Seven Shorts
Strike Happy 1989 Social
Toad of Toad hall 1989 January
Triads - Something I said? 1989 Tri-Ads
Stepping out 1989 Comedy
Triads act of murder 1988
The Prince of Brewerytania 1988 Pantomime
Habeas Corpus 1988 Comedy
Murder Deferred 1988 Thriller in 3 acts
Confusions 1987 February Comedy
Blithe Sprit 1987
Puss in Boots 1986 January Pantomime
Not now Darling! 1986
The boy friend 1986 Musical
Tri-ads- Thermal Underwear 1986 Tri-Ads
Abigail's Party 1985 October
Who's life is it anyway? 1985
Mother Goose 1985 Pantomime
Outside edge 1984 Comedy
The Unexpected guest 1984 April Thriller
The Killing of sister George 1984 February Tragic Comedy
The Thwarting of baron Bolligrew 1984 January Comedy
Aladdin and his magic Lump Lamp 1983 January Pantomime
Night must fall 1982 October Drama
Spring and Port Wine 1982 April Comedy
The rivals 1981 April Comedy
Billy liar 1981 Comedy
Table manners 1981 November Comedy
Book of the Month 1980 Comedy
My three angels 1980 Comedy
The Peaceful Inn 1980 April Murder Mystery
Pygmalion (25th Anniversary) 1979 November
Fools Rush In 1979 April Comedy
Lion In Winter 1979 February
The Hot Tiara 1978 November Mystery
The Rape Of The Belt 1978 Comedy
Suddenly At Home 1978 April Thriller
The Happy Marriage 1977 January Comedy
Ladies In Retirement 1977 April
Trial and Error 1977 November Thriller
Big Bad Mouse 1976 February Comedy
She Stoops To Conquer 1976 November Comedy
Black Chiffon 1976 May
The Chalk Garden 1975 January
Woman In A Dressing Gown 1975 November
Mixed Doubles 1975 April Selected Scenes
The Secretary Bird 1974 April Comedy
Intent To Murder 1974 Thriller
Angels In Love 1973 November Comedy
Trap For A Lonely Man 1973 April Thriller
Semi Detached 1972 Drama
The Grass Is Greener 1972 April Comedy
I'll Get my Man 1972 November Farce
Brush With A Body 1971 November Comedy
House On The Cliff 1971 January Mystery
Lord Arthur Saviles Crime 1971 April Comedy
Something To Hide 1970 April Thriller
Love's A luxury 1970 November Comedy
Mystery At Green Fingers 1970 Comedy
The Shop At Sly Corner 1969 January
The Importance Of Being Earnest 1968 April Comedy
Basinful Of The Briny 1968 November Comedy
The Touch Of Fear 1968 January Drama
The Stunt 1968 March Henley Festival
Ring Round The Moon 1967 March
Shock Tactics 1967 October Farce
Of Mice and Men 1966 December
Come On Jeeves 1966 October
Liberation 1965 March Henley Festival
Bonaventure 1965 May
Search By Night 1965 January Thriller
Murder At The Festival 1964 March Henley Festival
The Happiest Days Of Your Life 1964 October Farce
Waiting For Gillian 1964 January Drama
To Dorothy A Son 1964 May Farce
The Days Mischief 1963 April Drama
The Reluctant Debutante 1963
Woman Alive 1963 March Henley Festival
The White Sheep Of The Family 1962 May Comedy
And This Was Odd 1962 November Comedy
The Holly and The Ivy 1961 November Seasonal
Young Mrs Barrington 1960
The Wishing Well 1960 May
Still Waters 1960 November Henley Festival
The house by the lake 1959 March
Beside the Seaside 1958 February Comedy
Murder out of tune 1957 May
On Monday Next 1957 March Comedy
Young Wives' Tale 1955 May Comedy